BUILD: 32DD-23-34

WEIGHT: 105.9 lbs







PREFERRED411: P387736


I am Clair, an ebony escort born and raised in the French and English speaking West Indies, and currently residing in Central Texas. I am elated that your intrigue led you to find out more about me and am pleased to make your acquaintance.

One look into my brilliant, dark brown eyes will fascinate by virtue of my bright and girlish expressiveness and my voice as sweet and delicate as kiss. One touch of my smooth and supple deep mahogany skin will both ignite and invigorate. My naturally full and remarkably soft lips have the power to rivet and arouse. All these attributes are somehow overshadowed by my toned, flexible and perfectly sculpted body. This most masterful creation is complete with a petite frame, robust bosom and an exquisitely plump derrière.

If you desire to become familiar with more than what meets the eye, all preconceived notions on companionship, lust and pleasure must be abandoned once you make the wise decision to indulge with me. The experiences I create can never be contrasted or compared because there is no equivalent. Each encounter offers a different escape; one tailored to you. My ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction.

Your needs, your wants and your cravings evolve; dependant on what happened that day, earlier that week, or so long ago that you can’t recall. We both know you’ve never taken the time to address all that you desire– until now.

It is my goal to ignite all your desires and explore what may be suppressed. After all, isn’t this what you deserve?

I believe that in love, the other is important and in lust, you are important. By now, it must be clear where I land on the spectrum.

My unique approach to life, love and lust are as a result of my voluptuary beliefs and practices.

Time wasted cannot be regained, and time spent with me can never be replicated, unless of course, you make the wise decision to spend time with me again.


An ephemeral moment; sweet, brief and undoubtedly leads to insatiable desire.

1.5 hours 900
2 hours 1500

The cusp; unforgettable moments on the edge of fulfilment of all your needs and most importantly- your wants.

3 hours 2000

4 hours 2500
6 hours 3000

Interminable Pleasure
An enduring, licentious and memorable experience. The falling action and conclusion never develop – we are suspended at the peak.

12 hours 5000
24 hours 9000


“Bound by no boundaries, contained by no countries and by tamed by no time, she is the force of nature’s course.”

Minimum 6 hours within the United States Mainland + travel expenses

Minimum 12 hours outside of the United States Mainland + travel expenses


✧ Screening and a small *nonrefundable* deposit are a non negotiable requirement. 

✦ In date extension are 700 per additional hour.

✧ Couples are an additional 300 to the existing rate.

✦ Life’s dynamic nature often lead to unforeseen circumstances. In the event you need to cancel, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required. In the event that you are not able to meet this requirement a cancellation fee of 25% for less than 48 hours, 50% for less than 24 hours and 100% for less than 4 hours in order to rebook. By scheduling an engagement you are agreeing to this cancellation policy.

Regarding same day appointments; I am rarely available on short notice, so please try to plan at least 48 hours in advance. Screening is crucial to my safety and is a process that sometimes requires a considerable amount of time to complete. Priority is given to suitors I have previously seen and new suitors who complete my screening form.

I do not maintain an incall, however, I am able to book a room at a 4 or 5 star hotel for our rendezvous. *add a supplementary 100 onto my donation.

Can you wear xyz on our date?/What will you wear on our date?

I tend to wear pieces that complement my petite frame and highlight my subtle curves. However, I have an extensive wardrobe that consists of pieces that range from understated and conservative, to casual and sporty, and from causal sporty to racy and seductive. Notwithstanding, my main objective is to satisfy you! Hence, I am more than happy to accommodate requests based on occasion or partiality!

What can I expect on our date?

I provide professionalism and authenticity, an oxymoron, I know, but allow me to elaborate.

I am passionate about creating and maintaining an atmosphere filled with genuineness and meaningful connections, sans the dissatisfaction and frustrations that come with a traditional dating and relationships; that is what sets me apart as a professional. I am also fervent in my desire to be the physical embodiment of your most intense, potent and persistent yearnings. Our interactions will never  feel like a business transaction or mechanically awkward. I want to share in your triumphs and offer comfort through your conflicts. My goal is to always provide a uniquely satisfying experience for both parties that will last a lifetime.

Where can I see more of you? How do I know you are who you say you are?

You may find me on my public Twitter or Instagram accounts. I also have exclusive and uncensored content here.

I am active on all my social media platforms and the email address on each platform is the same email address I use for client correspondence. I am not listed on any review sites by choice.

Do you have a preference for orange/young/old/green/black/white/male/female/gender nonconforming suitors?

I am predisposed to favour respectable, kind and generous people. I do not discriminate, and look forward to meeting all potential clients, this includes those with neurodiversity and disabilities.

I am a hot/ famous/nice/romantic/ handsome guy, must I really screen?

Most definitely! However, if necessary, I will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

May I spoil you?

Absolutely! You may have a peek at my wish list here. Please consider inquiring about my personal charitable efforts via email.


Your privacy is paramount, as is my safety. Screening is the first step to ensure that our time together is filled with all that you may expect and all  I am guaranteed to provide. I request that you respect my policy and refrain from enquiries about exceptions or allowances. Thank you!

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Designed by Clair De Lune|© 2022 Clair De Lune

Designed by Clair De Lune|© 2022 Clair De Lune

Designed by Clair De Lune|© 2022 Clair De Lune

Designed by Clair De Lune|© 2022 Clair De Lune

Designed by Clair De Lune|© 2022 Clair De Lune